Pre-School Ballet

2½ - 4 year olds

This class offers an introduction to Ballet for 2-4 year olds in a safe and nurturing environment. Emphasis is on imagination and fun, while teaching them basic ballet technique and discipline. We use lots of props (fairy wings and wands, ribbons, feathers) to really bring the class to life for little ones. Classes start from age 2 and a half – children need to be happy to be left at class without a parent watching (parents do not stay in the room as this proves a distraction to their learning). Their language skills also need to be developed enough for them to listen and follow direction – each child will reach this point at a different age, some by 2 and a half, some closer to 3+.

Imperial Classical Ballet

4 years and up

These classes follow the Imperial Classical Ballet ISTD syllabus, where students have the opportunity to work towards examinations. The discipline in this training will improve a child’s posture, coordination, musicality and grace.

Modern Theatre Dance

4 years and up

This class encapsulates all styles of dance you might see in a modern theatre – from jazz to lyrical, street to contemporary. Emphasis is on the learning of solid technique, increasing strength, coordination, musicality, rhythm and stage presence. Classes follow the ISTD syllabus, where there is the opportunity to enter for examinations.

Tap Dance

4 years and up

This class follows the ISTD syllabus, where focus is on learning footwork and rhythm, combining these to create exciting variations. The new ISTD Tap syllabus is very current, with styles as diverse as musical theatre, jazz and hip hop.

Acrobatic Dance

5 years and up

This class follows the Acrobatic Arts syllabus, a training system from Canada. Classes are focussed on building up flexibility, strength and tumbling skills. Please note Acrobatic Dance cannot be taken as a lone subject, students must also study either Ballet or Tap and Modern.